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you are not delusional. and you're not alone.

violence, manipulation, and fear warp our perception of reality, and make us doubt our ability to live life on our own terms. let eos help you find your way out of the dark, and back to yourself. 

direct services for survivors

Even under the best of circumstances, navigating family law proceedings is overwhelming, and can be extremely costly. Eos offers sliding scale fee divorce coaching to walk survivors through common family law proceedings, and provides consultation to determine if hiring an attorney makes sense. Eos has a strong network of family law attorneys with extensive experience in domestic violence matters and emotional abuse.

Eos offers one-on-one crisis coaching sessions to provide intensive socio-emotional support to victims, whether you have a formal court case or not. Fees are provided on a sliding-scale basis, based on income. We also run bi-weekly support groups in the D.C. metro area, which can be booked for one, three or six month intervals.