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Eos Initiative is a collaborative effort of legislators, academics, family law practitioners, judges, and survivors of intimate partner violence committed to making family law proceedings safer and more equitable for people leaving physically, emotionally, or financially abusive relationships.

Founded in late 2018 by gender-based violence expert Elizabeth Degi DuBois, Eos Initiative believes common sense changes to family law proceedings can literally be the difference between life and death for survivors of intimate partner violence who are facing their abusers in divorce or custody disputes.

In the US, the staggering majority of female victims of homicide are killed by intimate partners. Stigma, shame and embarrassment often keep male victims silent. For people who are able to escape violent relationships—- be it physical violence, emotional manipulation, or financial hostage—- fleeing an abusive relationship can mean leaving behind possessions, mutual savings, and even their children. 

Unfortunately, American judicial systems and family law procedures are egregiously out of synch with these well documented realities. Whether it be court ordered mediations that place victims at the same table with their abusers, mandatory coparenting classes where victims are forced to role play healthy communication with partners who have threatened to kill themselves in front of their children, or being buried under ever mounting piles of attorney fees against abusers who manipulate family law procedures to make court unnecessarily expensive, our system is deeply broken. 

But it doesn’t have to be. Collaboration, Education, and Legislation are the answers. 

Eos staff work in COLLABORATION with municipalities to mainstream gender-based violence indicators into court proceedings, mandated mediations and coparenting courses. 

Eos provides proprietary EDUCATION to family law attorneys, judges, divorce and custody mediation professionals, and coaches about the ways in which intimate partner violence constrains victims’ abilities to self-advocate. 

Finally, Eos advocates for LEGISLATION that ensures intimate partner violence best practices are adopted by jurisdictions across the country. 

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