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Mother and a Child

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divorce and custody proceedings, made safe.

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fleeing violence is the start of a new dawn

Eos Initiative is a collaborative effort of legislators, family law practitioners, academics, judges, and survivors of intimate partner violence committed to making family law proceedings safer and more equitable for people leaving physically, emotionally, or financially abusive relationships.


Named in honor of the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos Initiative recognizes that leaving an abusive relationship is the beginning of a new life free from fear and violence.

a few things we're great at

Mother & Daughter

Ironically, the legal system can be one of the biggest barriers for people escaping violence. Navigating family law proceedings under the best of circumstances is overwhelming, and can be extremely costly. Eos offers sliding scale fee divorce coaching to walk survivors through common family law proceedings. Eos also provides consultation to determine if hiring an attorney makes sense, and helps survivors find the right fit amongst our network of seasoned attorneys with experience in domestic violence law.

Business Meeting

Eos offers proprietary trainings for family law professionals about the ways fear, manipulation and violence constrain victims' abilities to self-advocate throughout divorce and custody proceedings. The vast majority of domestic violence victims will return to their abusers, placing them and their children in grave danger. Eos trainings provide pragmatic tools for lawyers to empower and reassure clients, and help judges better understand how to recognize manipulation from the bench. 


Eos offers comprehensive consultation services for municipalities and jurisdictions dedicated to reducing domestic violence, intimate partner homicide, and abuse. Common practices--- such as court ordered co-parenting classes and mediations-unintentionally endanger victims by forcing them to engage with their abusers, providing opportunities for abusers to reassert power. From system assessment to legislative reform, Eos transforms municipalities' family law proceedings.

"American family law procedures are egregiously out of synch with survivors' needs. Our system is deeply broken, but it doesn’t have to be--- Collaboration, Education, and Legislation are the answers."

~Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois, PhD

eos initiative co-founder/executive director

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OUR approach

Eos staff work in COLLABORATION with municipalities to mainstream intimate partner violence indicators into court proceedings, mediations and coparenting courses. 

Eos provides proprietary EDUCATION to family law attorneys, judges, mediators and coaches about the ways fear and abuse constrain victims’ abilities to self-advocate. 

Finally, Eos advocates for LEGISLATION that ensures intimate partner violence best practices are adopted by jurisdictions nationwide.